Top 3 Beaches To Vacation on in 2016

Blue Beach Puerto Rico

Number 1: Blue Beach Location: Vieques Puerto Rico

The infamous Blue Beach is a small island located within the Caribbean. This island was formally occupied by the US Navy and in 2003 became open to the general population. This fascinating island is surrounded by luxurious beaches that are to die for!  The beaches on this island are know for there beauty and vast activities such as snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and surfing! If your looking for an adventure this island has what you need. There are over 10 named beaches on this island which are open for you to explore. Some of these beaches are know as Red Beach, Secret Beach, Orchid Beach, and more! All of the beaches within this island feature luxurious white sands and crystal clear waters! Enjoy a drink under the warm sun or strap up for a hike to access some of the more private beaches such as the black sand beach. Don’t be surprised when you spot massive caves on your venture!

Cathedral Beach HawaiiNumber 2: Cathedral Beach Location: Kauai Hawaii

Like what you see? We truly hope your a good swimmer because that is the only way your going to ever get to this destination! Landing its self at position 2 of our top 3 locations is Cathedral beach located Kauai Hawaii. If your really willing to take on the adventure this beach is perfect for you! Although you must encounter a 2 mile swim to arrive to this destination it is well worth it! Surrounded by lavish green mountains, beautiful clear waters, and stunning water falls, this beach is one you will never forget! We highly recommend you are a good swimmer and you are equipped with swimming gear such as fins to access this beach. Upon arrival to this destination you will be astonished buy the massive mountains, epic scenery and lush white sand! Cathedral beach is well known in Hawaii for its spiritual history which is why no  planes, boats, motor vehicles, and even kayaks are allowed to be used on or near this beach!  When we visited the beach we took a small boat towards the beach and then swam about 2 miles to the destination but it was well worth it! 

El Nido PhilippinesNumber 3: El Nido Location: Palawan Islands, Philippines

El Nido is located within the Palawan Islands which falls in the west Philippines. Surrounded by gorgeous limestone cliffs which overlook crystal clear waters. El Nido is home to many species such as fish, coral, sea turtles, and wild birds! The surrounding resorts of El Nido provide visitors with many activities to keep themselves busy and entertained. There are many beach side bars & hotels for you to enjoy a nice drink in the sun! Various activities include: scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, and even kayaking.  We highly recommend taking a tour of this beautiful island because El Nido is not the only beach around! Be prepared to immerse yourself within nature because while on tour you will visit various caves and even encounter the popular Big & small lagoons. El Nido is not only perfect for family vacations but it has been awarded many times for being the most popular destination wedding location! The perfect wedding photo is extremely important which is why you will find yourself astonished when the sun sets over the mountains and the waters turn into a glass reflection of your surroundings! 

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